Dallas CVB – Albuquerque, NM- 10/07/2016 – Daily Update- Brand Ambassadors- Day 2

To the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau and Do It Outdoors team,

Today was a beautiful day here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Balloon Fiesta was in full bloom as excitement filled the air. Thousands of people flooded through the parkway and beautiful balloons whisked through the morning skyline. It was a cold morning but my team was bundled up and ready to share that warm Texas charm and Dallas love.

My team and I arrived on site at 5am. We set up our branded areas and waited for the 6am crowds to rush in. Our morning session was filled with spinning prize wheels, Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, many photos, corn hole games taking place, tons of giveaways and fresh popped popcorn for all of our attendees. The second part of our day took place during the Glowdeo. Which is a nightly event in which the balloons do not take the air but they inflate and light up the night shy. Our booth was graced by ERA Rodeo World Champion Bareback Rider Justin McDaniel. He took many photos with fans and rodeo enthusiast. To be completely honest the crowd and line to for the meet and greet with Mr McDaniel was like nothing we had seen this far. It was rather incredible.

It was a great day two. My team and I are leaving a lasting and meaningful interaction with everyone we meet. The people of this New Mexico annual tradition had nothing but lovely things to say about Dallas and our event, and here are just a few quotes from our day:

Fred from Boston, “Are these the real Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders?!! I can’t believe this!! It must be a dream.”

Pauline from Albuquerque, “I heard that Dallas just got that City Pass thing. That’s kind of exciting and such a bargain for the price. I think myself and my sister might go over Christmas.”

Brenda from New York, “I have been thinking of taking my son to a Maverick’s Game. Thanks for all the tips and recommendations!”

Olivia from Arizona, “How far is the drive from here?! I think my boyfriend and I should just keep going on our little road trip!!”

Erica from Albuquerque, “You guys are so friendly and warm welcoming. Is everyone from Dallas like this?!!!”

Estimated Number of Premiums:

Sunglasses: 1000

T-shirts: 160

Koozies: 400

Tote Bags: 1000

Tattoos: 2,500

Bandanas: 200

popcorn: 3,000

Estimated Number of Consumer Interactions:


Estimated Number of Daily Impressions:


Thank you for your time. It has been a pleasure and I am looking forward to day three.

Clara / Senior National Event Manager/ Do It Outdoors


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